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We are  a small charity (1104173) that specialises in supporting the brothers and sisters of individuals  with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome  and related conditions such as PDA in  Leicestershire.   
Annual Report in 2017   

Sibsservice  received 73 referrals (92 enquires) as a result 30 new children joined the service.


74 Children (69 families) were supported by the After School Groups


68 children (siblings and  ASD children) attended  the Rebound Family Trampoline Activity

28 children collectively  climbed the height of Ben Nevis at the Climbing Station raising £2457.50 in sponsorship

20 children camped at the Summer Water Camp

65  Attended the Family  Christmas party

70  Attended the Annual Family BBQ

Sibsservice was supported by 4 young sibs leaders

and 7 adult volunteers



The Trustees  of Ruach Care Sibsservice are responsible for making decisions to ensure  sure the charity  is meeting its aims and objectives and operates responsibly and within appropriate laws and guidelines .  



If you would like to contact the trustees write to

Ruach Care Ltd,Sibsservice

The Schofield Centre

Green Close Lane


LE11 5AS

Policies and Procedures and Accounts

Data Protection
/ Privacy Statement



Your information will not be shared with any third party.

Written consent is obtained for


  • Family details (names, address, birth date, phone and email information are stored on a database for the purposes of running the service and events.  This information is available to the Sibsservice Leader and Manager.

  •  Mobile numbers are stored as group lists

        For emergency contact

        To send fortnightly group and event information

  • Consent to receive information by text or email regarding events, courses, details of supporting organisations or information such as books that we would suggest might support your family.


Permission may be withdrawn at any time by contacting Sibsservice.


Your Data is deleted if you notify us that you no longer wish to attend the service.

Safeguarding Policy, Health and Safety and Complaints procedure are available on request​

Accounts are published on the charity commission website

Our service is specifically aimed at supporting children with brothers and sisters with ASD and related conditions. Although it would be great to siblings whose brothers and sisters have different needs our children have specific circumstances that are generally different  than other disabilities/conditions. 

Our therapeutic program is planned around providing information  and answering questions about ASD and coping strategies to support the specific behaviours …. (eg many of our children are regularly hurt by their brothers and sisters).  

Children need to be around the age of 7 before they are able to share experiences and take on board coping strategies.

 Our staff have training and experience regarding ASD and mental health difficulties but not of other conditions.  I hope you understand…  

Our enthusiastic highly trained team have a breath of experience and  knowledge working with siblings and  Children with ASD and associated dificulties.


Volunteer Support

Sherralyn Dalziel

Catherine Gallagher​

Jennie Frost

Young Leaders 

Jack Speakman

Bryna Sayers

Tom Sayers


Matthew Frost

Jennie Frost

Sherralyn Dalziel

Manager/Sibs Leader

Cat Gallagher

Sibs Leader

Jennie Frost

Volunteer Supporting Leader and Trustee

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