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 Ruach Care Ltd   Charity No. 1104173 
Supported by Big Lottery
Awards for All               
Supporting the brothers and sisters of individuals  with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Leicestershire.  
After School Groups​
Melton Mowbray
Our aims …..


    Fun -       Siblings make friends and enjoy themselves



     Relieve isolation   Siblings meet other siblings

       facing similar situations

     Acknowledge feelings   Siblings discuss and value the          unique feelings and experiences of being a sibling

     Model coping strategies      Siblings learn to manage             difficult situations and identify support networks


     Enhance Knowledge       Siblings learn more about                 their brother or sister’s disability

Trips and Events
Siblings and
Family Events
What we can do for your child....


If you have a child aged 7/8-14  with a brother /sister with ASD or Asperger's ( a diagnosis is not needed )  bring them along to your nearest sibs group. 

Sometimes it’s hard having a sibling with special needs and good to have people to talk to who have some idea what it’s like. It’s nice knowing that you’re not the only one who has a brother or sister who’s a bit different. This is where the Sibservice Groups come in.

We provide the siblings with a safe place where they have the freedom to be themselves and share experiences  with other children in similar situations . We deliver many different activities, art, craft, cooking, sport, games, drama,  trips out, and more. Alongside these activities is a therapeutic programme to support the children. Whenever possible we plan activities and discussions as requested by the siblings or parents either for fun or to support a particular difficulty they are experiencing.

We ask for a donation of £5 per session  towards resources, necessary training and running the non profit charity 

  • Understanding ASD (sensory communication social interaction) 

  • Explaining ASD to others

  • Behaviour - Why do people do what they do?

  • What’s it like to be me? - How does this make me feel?

  • fears for the future

  • Empathy.

    • What is it like to be in my parents shoes or my sibs shoes?

  • Coping Strategies.

    • What can I do to help myself and my family?

    • What can my family do to help me?

    • What support is available for my family?

Our Therapeutic Programme.....
What we can do for you as a Parent.......


We  can offer advice or point you in the right direction for support and general information.  Our parents often network, share information and support each other. 

What can we do for your family ........ We have a whole family trampolining trip, Spring BBQ,  Summer Camp BBQ and Christmas Party.  Surprisingly relaxing events where everyone understands everyone else!

 Sibsservice is currently suspended as we have run out of funding (Dec 2018) . Please still email your interest or impact sibs has had supporting your family. To show need for the service. 

Sherralyn,Cat, Jennie Matt and Rebecca.


Why do we support siblings of children

with Autism ?



The impact of having a brother or sister with Autism is very significant for many of the children we support.  At home they may experience less attention and support from their parents. The expectations of their behaviour are different from their siblings.  Their brother or sisters autism may mean that they are unable to have friends home and many 'normal' family activities cannot happen because of their siblings rigid thinking or difficult behaviours.  Some of our children know very little about ASD and have worries, concerns or misunderstandings about the disorder.  Many of our children are regularly physically or verbally hurt by their brother or sister or witness their mothers being hurt.  Most of our children have to cope with their brother or sisters having a 'Meltdown' or difficult behaviour in school or in public places. Some are also  young Carers.

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